Organizations We Support

Mighty Oaks Foundation Helping Veterans and First Responders Fight SuicideSeattle's Union Gospel Mission Eradicating Homelessness

We make things that help people. Chemical free things you use everyday for people that have chemical sensitivities, or are overwhelmed by fake fragrances, and tired of the thousands of chemicals they have had to put on their body in the name of hygiene. 

We are a woman and disabled veteran small business that just want a job, want to do good in the world, and donate to stopping suicide and homelessness in our communities. We strive to always donate 10% to these two powerful organizations. How do we give?

Because we are a small business and still trying to figure it all out, our priorities are: 

  1. to keep our dreams of operating a business alive by covering costs (rent, utilities, website and business fees, taxes and licenses.
  2. When we are able to cover our expenses, we donate 10% of our profits to these two amazing organizations. Any remainder is reinvested in new products, better ingredients, and packaging.
  3. Because we haven't been able to cover all these expenses yet, we volunteer our time, make no salary or wage for trying to establish Point Unbroken as a legitimate organic home goods store.
  4. We are doing our best to provide a high quality service, at a super competitive price, help our community, and maybe some day we will be able to make a living when people begin to see what amazing organic products we make! That is our dream and prayer and we will strive each and every day to make this into a reality!